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3 decades of crafting the finest Haute Couture in Pakistan has turned Sonia Azhar into a household name. A pioneer of Pakistan’s fashion landscape, Sonia Azhar has become a generational brand with an legacy of finesse. “Creating a bride’s dream outfit is my primary job,” says bridal couturier Sonia Azhar who has dressed thousands of brides in her career. Acknowledged as an ace designer with a firm grip on latest cuts and designs, Sonia Azhar’s designs imbue eastern, hand crafted techniques which have evolved over the subcontinent over centuries.

Sonia Azhar’s traditional embellishments feature a wide array of crystals and stones which amplify any outfit. Whilst specialising in Bridal Couture, Sonia Azhar has ventured into the realms of Lawn, Silks, Velvets and various other fabrics which bring out her artistic side. A graduate of the prestigious National College of Arts, Sonia Azhar regularly mentors young talent so that they can bloom and become the stars they are meant to be. Join us on our journey of perfection as we make the finest outfits Pakistan has ever witnessed.